Editorial: June’s Diary

It’s been almost a month since Kelly Rowland and Frank Gatson’s docu-series Chasing Destiny reached its finale and announced to the world the ladies that won the opportunity to be in a group with a guaranteed recording contract with Epic Records.

coinciding with the season finale of the show, the ladies released their cover of Drake’s Hotline Bling as well as the singles It’s Alright and All Of Us; but there was no group name in sight. As I was waiting for them to announce the name, I realized that I was more nervous about the quartets name selection rather than the music they’d make together; and, in my opinion, for good reasons.

There’s not much doubt in my mind when it comes to the potential that they have together musically. They clearly need to grow in some areas, but with the right machine behind them, dedication and work ethic they’ll be alright. But the name is what grabs your attention before hearing what an artist has to say, and things could go a few different ways when it comes to branding a group.

In the past we’ve seen groups go with an acronym of some sort ie TLC, which stands for the three members nicknames T-Boz, Left Eye and Chilli. 3LW, which stands for 3 Little Women. These acronyms could get a bit out of hand though. For example, the Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes founded group Blaque stood for Believing in Life and Achieving a Quest for Unity in Everything. And the short-lived early 2000s group Isyss meant Intelligent Sexy Young Soul Sisters. Even Destiny’s Child was questionable, due to the fact that there were originally five members, but a child is one person. I blame Mama Tina and Papa Knowles for the early shade, pettiness and favoritism.

So when the ladies took to BETs Facebook page for a live Q&A that lead up to the name unveiling, I was more than anxious. They announced that despite what was reported previously, they wouldn’t go by the name of the show (very smart decision) but decided upon June’s Diary and…I was speechless.

It was more so an indifferent speechlessness than anything else. The name itself isn’t completely horrible, things could’ve been worse, but I wasn’t blow away or intrigued by it initially. Kristal has stated that the significance of the name comes from the fact that even though they came together in February, they connected spiritually in June and diary comes from them telling their own story. That makes sense and maybe the name will be a grower like Danity Kane was.

Now, let’s discuss their music. Kristal, Ashly, Shyann, Brienna and Gabby all have great voices and have grasped the concept of blending their tones to perfectly harmonize with one another. This was proven near the tail end of the show when things finally started to come together for them. So Vocally they seem to have the full package, it just has to translate in the studio.

Judging by the records that they’ve released up to this point there’s a lot of potential; but the songs have appeared on the “childish” side of the spectrum so far. If you followed the show then you know It’s Alright is a song originally recorded by their mentor Kelly Rowland, and it sounds like it. It’s right along the lines of tracks Kelly has released in the past but that doesn’t mean the song isn’t enjoyable because it’s nothing short of a bop, in my opinion!

All Of Us and their first official single L.A.N.C.E both follow that same blueprint. But since L.A.N.C.E is the general publics first introduction to the ladies, the content could leave some people disappointed. Lying Ass Nigga Cheating Everyday could’ve been the 2010s version of No Scrubs. Personally, while I acknowledge the childish nature of the song (FYI: the word “thotty” makes an appearance), that doesn’t stop me from listening to it multiple times and enjoying their first outing as a group.

Being a group that has only known and been together for a few months now the possibilities, both positive and negative, are endless. As they continue on their journey together and start writing and releasing more music and gelling as a whole, things could fall into place in ways that has been missing in the world of girl groups for a really long time. I’m rooting for them and hope they continue making the right decisions as a whole and individually.

Sidenote: They revealed in an interview with The SETUP Radio Show, on Dash Radio, that they’ll be releasing an EP before their debut album.

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