Throwback Thursday: RichGirl

Soon after producing for Beyoncé’s album B’Day album, Grammy award winning producer Rich Harrison decided to become even more hands on in the business, and what better way to do that than to discover new talent?

Harrison  discovered four girls: Audra Simmons, Christina “Brave” Williams, Kristal Lyndriette Smith and Amber “Sevyn” Streeter; which became RichGirl. Under the management of Tina Davis, who is behind Chris Brown’s breakout success, they looked to capture the eyes, ears and hearts of America and looked to have all the elements to do so. The group was lead by Lyndriette and Sevyn both providing leading vocals similar to the formula that Destiny’s Child perfected.

After two years of developing group chemistry, an image and sound the ladies premiered their debut single “He Ain’t Wit Me Now (Tho)” and it’s video. They hit the scene again with their  collaboration with Rick Ross and Fabolous for their followup single “Swagger Right.” While preparing for their debut album the ladies hooked up with Ne-Yo and Chris Brown, who was also managed by Ms Davis at the time. They also landed an opportunity to open up for Queen Bey on her I Am… Tour. Unfortunately for the ladies, and their fans, nothing really stuck with mainstream media during a time where a new group was much so needed. But not just any group, a group that consisted of actual talent; which all four ladies proved to possess.

While they may have not garnered the attention of popular groups before them they were able to build a very strong fanbase that continues to support the girls in their solo endeavors.

Audra is looking to release new music soon. Brave appeared on the third season of R&B Divas LA, she also released an EP called “Fearless.” Lyndriette, now going by her first name Kristal, released an EP  titled “Proclamation.” She was also previously signed to Tyrese’s Voltron Records but has since parted ways the soul singer. She is now apart of Kelly Rowland’s docuseries Chasing Destiny, which airs Tuesday nights at 10pm on BET, and is working on releasing a follow up to her 2011 EP.” Sevyn is now signed to Atlantic Records and after releasing two EPs “Call Me Crazy, But…” and “Shoulda Been There, Pt. 1.” She  is now gearing up to release her debut album “On The Verge.”

You can listen to Brave’s “Fearless” EP below!

Give Kristal’s single “Silhouette” a listen below!

And here’s a few of my favorite songs from the lovely ladies of RichGirl!

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